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News Items – April 19, 2013

Calvert Hospice Staff Certified in Palliative Care
Southern Maryland News Net
These qualifications include: Administrative, Nursing and Social Worker certifications. Calvert Hospice Executive Director, Brenda Laughhunn, said, “We are excited to have this many employees who are interested in furthering their education with regard to end-of-life issues. This is value-added for our patients to have so many of our staff certified in both hospice and palliative care services. Development of expertise in this area has become formalized through recognition of palliative care by the specialty certification boards. It is quite an accomplishment.”

BC Center to Provide Leadership in Geriatric Social Work
Boston College Chronicle
BC and the University of Michigan were selected as the inaugural Hartford Academic Centers of Excellence (ACE) by the Hartford/GSA National Center on Gerontological Social Work Excellence, which was established through a three-year, $1.35 million grant from the John A. Hartford Foundation to the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) in February.

New Effort to Reduce Homelessness
“We’re hoping not to replace other workers and other employment opportunities, but to create brand new ones that won’t in any way be competing, but supporting,” said FSU Social Work Professor Tomi Gomory. “And if they can get employment in some stability, they can get themselves out of it, out of the emergency shelters and back up on their own feet,” said Westgate Project Manager Chuck White.

Child Abuse More Likely if Mom Sees Baby as Bad
MedPage Today
Moms who said their children had negative intentions were more likely to maltreat their child by the time the baby was 26 months old (adjusted odds ratio 1.26, 95% CI 1.02 to 1.56), according to Lisa Berlin, PhD, of the University of Maryland School of Social Work in Baltimore, and colleagues.

How one social worker’s trip to Minnesota could improve criminal justice in Scotland
The Kay Carmichael travel award supports social workers to travel within the UK or abroad and find out how other teams deliver services. This year’s winner, Edinburgh-based criminal justice social worker Nic Middlemiss, explains how he will use the £2,000 prize money to explore support for offenders with mental health problems in Minnesota.

Video: Boston bombings: What to tell your children
ABC Action News
Social worker Bonnie Martin has counseled children for 30 years on how to cope with traumatic events both at home and those seen on television.

Sad story of New Milford woman’s death puts spotlight on disorder of hoarding
Marcie Cooper, a social worker and care giver who operates The Hoarding Disorder Institute in Fair Lawn, speaking at the training session Tuesday. Nothing was too worn or too frivolous for Alice Klee. The 68-year-old woman accumulated rooms full of  knickknacks, clothing, tote bags, garbage, and even three dated TVs in one room alone.

University of Southern California mental health/military social work
News Item
Sejuit, a credentialed alcohol and substance abuse counselor-trainee (CASAC-T) has also passed his licensing exam and is now a licensed master social worker (LMSW) in New York. After spending six years in the Navy as a corpsman, including two deployments to Iraq and an honorable discharge, he earned an associate’s degree in letters, arts and sciences at Penn State University.

Cape social worker focuses on cancer
Jeffrey Gaudet is a Clinical Social Worker, with a certification as an Oncology Social Worker. He works within Cape Cod Healthcare as a Survivorship Program Manager. He lives in the village of Forestdale, in Sandwich. Q. What qualities or skills make a make a good clinical social worker? A. A good clinical social worker will show non-judgmental listening, empathy, creative problem-solving, and a good understanding of the environment in which they practice. It is very important to understand the unique challenges that face the population of people that you work with.

With spring events looming, authorities advise vigilance
Meriden Record-Journal
In the immediate aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings Monday, officials cautioned residents to stay vigilant at public gatherings. With several spring events in the coming weeks, local event planners do not anticipate any changes in security or safety procedures, but say they will be more attentive in light of the events in Boston.

Complex challenges lie ahead for Marathon bombing amputees
Boston Globe
“We have some people who don’t want to know and haven’t asked any questions,” said Jennifer Lawrence, a social worker at Boston Medical Center, where five of the 14 patients who underwent amputations following the attack are hospitalized.

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