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Media Awards 2012 – Voting Form

Thank you so much for your interest.  Voting for the Media Awards is now closed.


  1. Matt Anderson did a great job advocating for Foster Care Youth in the film “From Place to Place”…and I can’t wait to see the positive impact in the United States!

  2. Julie Hanks always has helpful information to share that is pdositive and uplifting. This award would be well deserving for her.

  3. Then web site is really not user-friendly– and forcing to vote in all categories even if I’m not informed about them is going to screw up you results anyway. However, I love the social work podcast, do I’m voting.

  4. I vote for Julie Hanks; she is very involved, willing to help others in her profession, and motivates us all to be better.

  5. Oranges and Sunshine is a wonderful film! It really demonstrates the power of social work and Emily Watson is a great actress. Proud she is portraying a social worker.

  6. I wanted to vote for the Adoption Today magazine because I am familiar with it. The other categories for voting are not familiar to me. Why do you require someone to vote in all of the categories?

  7. Great publications

  8. This magazine is a great resource for foster/adoptive parents, as well as professionals.

  9. Matt Anderson’s exceptional work with the film From Place to Place has developed critical responses from state and federal legislators. I hope this film is recognized for it’s monumental impact, as well as it’s ability to highlight the role of Social Workers in policy reform.

  10. Your website will not let me vote and keeps saying there is a error. However, Adoption Today magazine gets my vote for being a wonderful and informative magazine on adoption.

    Keep up the good work

  11. Thanks Julie Hanks for the great regular, insightful articles on your website…all very pertinent and helpful in today’s families as a whole, as couples, and individuals.

  12. I vote for Julie Hanks. Her website is easy to maneuver around and has interesting and relevant articles that I can relate too. She is an inspiring person, including her music and regular appearances on Studio 5 talking about issues that we all need to hear about. Thanks Julie!

  13. Julie Hanks – the best!

  14. Julie Hanks LCSW has successfully increased awareness of mental health issues in the Salt Lake City area. She is credible, informative, and relatable. I am proud to have her as a friend and colleague!
    Margaret Thompson LCSW

  15. Julie Hanks is always providing useful information to the public about mental health. She definitely deserves this award. She has helped me, along with numerous others, in recognizing and using a variety of tools to use, to help deal with various mental health issues. She acknowledges mental health, and is spreading the word, that some of these illnesses, anxiety and depression occur more often than not. Instead of being ashamed, she teaches, how to better our situations, with these issues. Keep it up Julie!

  16. Julie Hanks definately deserves this award. She is very involved in social media and in informing followers of helpful information. She is great, and very forthcoming with helpful information that followers can benefit from. Thanks Julie!

  17. Talk Therapy TV provides such a great service with their weekly show. They work very hard to provide the public with the knowledge and awareness to seek out help for themselves, a family member, or a friend that may be suffering. The TV show provides information on warning signs, symptoms, treatment options, ans resources for depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, substance abuse, suicide, bullying, and many other behavioral health topics. The show has helped me personally, Thanks guys! Keep up the great work!

  18. I love the insights that Julie Hanks provides daily. I look forward to her posts and tweets. Very helpful!

  19. Matt Anderson’s Place to Place is so impactful . His is a story that needs to be told about the Foster Care System in the U.S.Beautifully done …this Doucemtary and the issue it hilights will get the attention of the Politicians !

  20. What I love about Matt Anderson’s film From Place to Place is that it doesn’t pretend to give a “happy ending”. What happens to the youth interviewed is anybody’s guess. The solutions offered by the powerful lawmakers are also puzzling. “What has really changed” becomes the most compelling question that the film quietly asks as the credits roll. Excellent work Matt.

  21. Jonathan Singer’s Social Work Podcast is consistently accessible to a broad audience and compelling. If it isn’t yet part of your podcast routine, give it a listen.

  22. This was one of the best trainings for my CASA volunteers in Eastern Montana

  23. Jonathan Singer’s Social Work Podcast is and has been instrumental in educating social worker students and faculty alike. Both scholarly and timely, his podcasts also serve to change public perception about what it means to be a social worker. A valuable and enduring asset.

  24. I voted for Mark Gaynor on the “Confessions: Animal Hoarding” TV program because in addition to Mark’s knowledge, background and expertise as a therapist committed to helping those in need, he also has the authentic and engaging personality that makes for interesting television.

  25. Mark Gaynor showed tremendous empathy and expertise in his role as LCSW on “Confessions: Animal Hoarding.”

    While carefully, thoughtfully guiding the client through the maze of their lives, Mark remained a sensitive, caring professional. I was comforted, and I wasn’t the client!

  26. Julie Hanks speaks from the heart, she is totally interested in people and their journeys and problems, she is devoted to helping others to understand what is going on in their lives – Julie should definitely receive this award for her work

  27. Congratulations on the nomination Social Work Podcast! You’ve got my vote!

  28. Julie Hanks and Wasatch Family Therapy get my vote! I wish all therapists and practices could be as knowledgeable and able to help as they are. I won’t vote in all categories because I don’t have experience elsewhere.

  29. I agree with a comment above….why do you require that we vote in all categories if we are unfamiliar with the choices in those categories?


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