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  1. is a much needed vehicle for social workers. It’s about time that those in the profession share the true experiences that define our profession. Our common goal is to improve the lives of people and at the same time we have to improve our perception in the public media. Kudos to the creators and contributors to!

  2. This looks to be a fantastic website. Let the social workers speak! I love the idea of a community forum where participation is encouraged, and there is a spirit of candor and professionalism. Looking forward to more. Thanks, Todd Atkins, LCSW. Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

  3. I just took a quick peek at this wonderful new website. Terrific looking, solid website look, and what an opportunity for all of us! Thank you so much. I will look forward to checking in frequently.
    Kris MacGaffin, MSW, LICSW, LCSW-C, FIPA

  4. This is great – what about making a Facebook fan page!!


  5. Hi JoElln, Visit NASW’s Facebook fan page @

  6. This is an excellent site–a way to educate, to dispel myths, to provide cheers and supports for each other, and to tell about the phenomenal interventions, advocacy, and research that go on in the field of social work. Makes me even prouder to be a social worker! Thank you.
    Anna Scheyett, MSW, PhD North Carolina

  7. I am thrilled about this website. So often I see things in the media that frustrate me about the way that social workers are portrayed and am very excited to get the opportunity to share and get feedback from fellow social workers. I hope that this site can be used to dispel many stereotypes about the SW profession. Thank you for creating it–I will be checking in frequently and sharing with others!

    Molly Miller, BSW, MSW student–UH

  8. I am so happy to finally see a website addressing issues such as social workers’ portrayal in the media. I am proud of my profession, but there are so many misconceptions about what social work is. I think it would be nice to include a discussion board on the site, and maybe incorporate a listserv as well. I agree with another commenter about starting a Facebook page too.
    Thank you!

  9. I think this is a fantastic opportunity to get the message out and advocate for our profession, I hope that the general public will have an opportunity to see that social work is such a diverse profession.
    Michelle Weiner Davis did a great interview on my radio show which you can hear in its entirety on

    I know that I spend a lot of time cultivating relationships with the media.
    I do a four-minute segment two times a month on the news sharing life skills.
    I challenge anyone reading this to think of novel ways to use the media
    to share our valuable skills.


  10. Glad you announced this film for us to see. The media is very important in making people aware of the role of social workers in helping others. I have always believed that. I started a show called
    Growing Up in the 80’s on Cable which interviewed six teenagers about many subjects – we did 76 and it received an ACE nomination!

    It was taken off the air after the nomination, so I went to another cable company and started a show called “Through the Looking Glass” – it was an improv of a 1st therapy session with a “client” who was really a colleague and introduced after the 30 minute “session.” The “client” and I are both social workers, and it shows the complex psychodynamics in plain language. I have completed and broadcasted 407 shows! I now tape it in my living room, as it is more convenient! It airs on Comcast Cable in NJ on Friday night at 10:00 to 10:30 pm and Saturday at 3:00 to 3:30pm, on channel 280!

    Hope you can catch it. It is a way of showing the public what we do as social workers who are in psychotherapy practice!

    Best wishes, Virginia Klein, Ph.D., LCSW, BCD

  11. Thank you for your suggestions regarding a Facebook page.
    Facebook: Join the Fan Page

  12. I am pleased to see this site. However, although the addition of abstracts of a number of the policy statements of NASW collected in Social Work Speaks is valuable, it seems to me as an NASW member and social work educator who teaches social welfare policy, that our policy statements should be published on the world wide web and available for free. I realize this is a current publication of NASW Press, but I no longer am willing to require students to spend considerable sums on that book, although I do try to have the library order it. There are several reasons why this book, as a book, should be discontinued and the policy statements kept on our website. The first is that it will make our policy statements available to social workers who wish to use them to engage in advocacy. The second is that it will make them available to state and federal legislators and government officials. The third is that the some of the policies change relatively frequently (at delegate assemblies) and it is just not feasible to ask members and educators to constantly buy a new edition of the book, especially given (and this is a fourth reason) that some of the policies do not substantially change or are just revised in a minor way. I seriously doubt that sales of this book are anything NASW Press is dependent upon or represent numbers that NASW should be proud of. If we want to be serious about the power of social work, we should make our policies publicly available. This is something which I have long advocated within NASW and most recently at the October regional meeting of NASW here in Ohio. I wonder if others feel the same way.

  13. This is a good way to bring social workers to the modern age and allow us to organize a Voice which speaks to the level of current media.

  14. Here, here, Michael Dover!!

    You have stated my feelings about Social Work Speaks eloquently and thoroughly! THANK YOU!

    Gretchen E. P. Halverson, MSW, LICSW
    Member & Volunteer Leader, NASW-MN

  15. Congratulations to all of my fellow Social Workers who care and are creative enough to document and bring to public awareness, the needs of people otherwise unacknowledged.

    Times are more dangerous and chaotic than ever and the power of media utilized by informed and dedicated people can hopefully educate mainstream America and impact on improving the lives of the disadvataged and oppressed.

    Please see my website for more information about my work.

  16. I wanted to share an article that I published for fellow social workers working with high conflict divorcing families.

  17. I find this website to be a wonderful vehicle for social workers to express their views on a very wide range of important topics that those in our profession grapple with! Again, thank you for that opportunity!

    E. A. Wahrburg, MSW, LCSW (NC, NY)

  18. I’m glad NASW has “Social Workers Speak”. It allows others and/or professionals in general, to express concerns/thoughts.

    Hopefully everyone learns from others and just maybe by reading other comments, it could be of help to others, which is one of many important themes within the social work profession, also known as “A Helping Profession”.

    I would like to continue to see or see more topics on Mental Health Reform, Trauma/PTSD, Poverty in America, Elderly/Geriatric Issues, to name a few.

    Thanks NASW for allowing others, as well as mysef be a voice @ “Social Workers Speak”!!!!…………

  19. I’m one of the Administrators for a Facebook group, “Military Social Work”. All are invited to join!!
    The military impacts on all of our lives in one way or another. Hope to see you all on Facebook.

    Ernest Wahrburg, LCSW (NC, NY)

  20. Updating my 12/05/09 post above, all are welcome to join FB’s “Military Social Work” Group.
    I however have a particular interest specifically in Combat Related PTSD and have been posting numerous methods of evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and research on this topic on my own Facebook account. All are welcome to visit there as well.

    Ernest Wahrburg, LCSW (NC, NY)

  21. In military mental health news, check out: – story about firing of a civilian psychiatrist aboard a military base, that lead to allegations being investigated at Naval Hospital. You can find it under local news re: psychiatrist, Dr. Kernan Manion.

  22. I don/t know to become an activant participant in this forum but I applaud this development.


  23. I applaud the NASW for developing this site. I am often puzzled by the limited depiction of social workers in the media. Moreover I am offended that clinical social workers are not automatically included in news media coverage of mental health issues. Hopefully this site will change some the way the media thinks of the profession.

  24. I was very impressed with the work done by U Conn’s School of Social Work for their inovative program in reaching out to the elderly. As a graduate of this school, I am proud of these students whose initiative could be the beginning of such programs throughout the country. It is very gratifying to see my alma mater providing this initiative. When the aging populations has been increasing over the years, this type of initiative is very important in screening those elderly who suffer from memory loss and depression.

  25. For all Social Workers: I am a member of LinkedIn which I find to be a wonderful resource for professional networking. I also want to invite all those who may be interested, to join my new Group called “The Trauma of War and Then This Too?” It’s about the additional stresses and traumas that female Service Members face on deployment and educating ourselves about this to better serve them. Thanks for your consideration.

  26. How do I advertise on here?

  27. Hi – Thanks for the article on my shows. Would you kindly change my website address to: Brand new one! Thanks so much! Ginny Klein

  28. Thank you for these helpful resources. As an advocate for Seniors in Long-Term Care I am happy to have come across your site.

    There may be others who would enjoy reading my articles related to Nursing Homes from a Social Services perspective at:

    thanks again,

    Tony Sexton

  29. I would like to thnkx for the efforts you have put in writing this blog. I’m hoping the same high-grade website post from you in the future too. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own website going now. Really blogging is spreading its wings and growing rapidly. Your write up is a good example.

  30. Horrible article hailing the efforts of a social worker who tore into a woman over a painting. Isn’t our mission for PEOPLE and not saving ART? This is strange to me. I KNOW, I get it..she was supposedly fighting for freedom of expression. But violence…come ON! FAIL!

  31. @deb- NASW tends to pick and chose who it supports and for what reasons the leadership decide. I concur with you.

  32. Hi Greg,

    I worked with Sue way back in the early days of highlighting social workers in the media and providing expert consult to the industry.
    I really like the website. One post I’d like to see is a comprehensive list of the t.v./radio shows hosted by Social Workers.

    I have a weekly call-in psychotherapy show that’s been on the air a few months and, as far as I know, I’m the only show like this hosted by a Social Worker. At least, since Marilyn Kagan was on about 15-20 years ago.
    I’ve done some research and the only others I’ve found are some internet-type “blogshows.”

    Is this something that can be put together?

    I’d also like to talk with you about featuring SWS on the show, maybe have Sue on if she’s continuing to work with you. Let me know.


    Andrew Pari, L.C.S.W., Diplomate
    Host-Chasing the Why
    KOSS-NewsTalk 1380am
    Listen live at:
    Facebook: Chasing the Why
    Twitter: @chasingthewhy

  33. Great site! I definitely recommend adding a chat room to this site. There aren’t many places where social workers from all over the world can come together, talk social work issues, and support one another. I for one can definitely use a place where I can talk to similar minded people, especially after a long day when I have to come home to family members who think all I do is “easy work”.

    Keep up the great work! This is the most updated social work site I have come across online!

  34. Help please by setting me up with a location I can help out and work a few hours a week . I am a

    real live person with amazing communication skills as people tell me from various sources on a daily

    basis. My energy is felt and needed for a healthy recovery. I will start by building many ~smiles~ while

    showing everyone how hard work and want for a better life really does, did and will pay off in the end.

    I live in Casselberry, Florida.

  35. I have had many encounters with Social Workers, mainly with mental health issues. I have only had positive experiences (although I didn’t always feel that way at the beginning). there is absolute no way that I would be living independently and working fulltime without the advocacy of Mental Health Social Workers.
    I agree that Social Workers are often seen as the bad guys in the media, however I think that is the only interaction many of the public have. I mean if one hasn’t been involved in a crisis situation, they have never actually had any dealings with Social Workers so as much as they may feel they have a informed opinion, it truly is only as informed as the media.
    don’t mean to ramble on
    just my 2 cents worth


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  37. I’m looking for suggestions for drawing attention to bad public children’s policy in a way that will bring positive change for social workers and children.

    Social networking helps.

    This is the talk I gave in Indiana last week;

    Please feel free to share your ideas and feedback with comments at the site.


  38. I am currently a student at University of Southern California working on my Master’s in Social Work. I am excited as a student to see the various supports on the web for this profession. Part of one of my current classes (Social Welfare) is to advocate for a piece of legislation. I am advocating for Every Child Deserves a Family Act, H.R. 1681. I was just wondering if any of you know how the kids feel about this? I watched the trailer for, “From Place to Place” and wished I could ask those kids, which would you prefer, aging out of the system alone or a chance to live with a family even if their sexual orientation is different? If any of you have a comment, thought, or a story to share I would appreciate it.

    Thank you for your time and your work. Rachel Bennett

  39. What type of work can I do with an AA degree? April I graduate, I plan to eventually get my Masters.

  40. I have a question. Is there a place where I can file complaint about an LCSW who intentionally (I believe) mislead my husband and me placing our son into foster care and the treatment benefits that could be obtained by him rather than the more limited treatment options available to him when he remained in parental custody? It began during our son’s second residential admission for issues associated during this time spent in foster care prior to our adopting him. We were at our wit’s end with what to do with him as he was not improving with treatment and his self-injurious behavior was just getting worse.

    During his third residential admission, he continued to deteriorate and the LCSW (who is not functioning as a therapist) stated to us that all step-down options (i.e., group homes, room board watchful oversight, etc.) had turned our son down, but that the foster system had resources that were unavailable to us and it would open other doors. We said that we did not want to do this since we were his parents and wanted to maintain control over his treatment and decisions. She stressed that since we would be doing this voluntarily, we would maintain this control. The foster system would allow us all this control with where he went, what therapists he saw, all of this would be our control. It was not only her, but she had a State Agency there stating the same thing to us. This was told to us on several occasions. They also insisted that they would not get any more days approved for his length of stay (even though each time he injured himself, it was a passive suicide attempt and if documented that way, it would be approved). We were given a discharge date. We asked for an extension since my spouse was having surgery. Instead they moved it up to one week post op. We had no choice but to not pick up our son.

    Suddenly he was given six more weeks as an inpatient and he was discharge to a foster home. Since discharge (three weeks ago) he has had no psychiatric follow up. We did not have any contact with our son, we don’t know the address where he is. They have told us that we can’t have any records on him due to his “privacy”. We finally got a phone number of the foster mother and we called, but he did not call us back as she wanted to keep the phone on speakerphone. They gave him a cell phone without any time on it so we went and put some time on it and we are allowed to talk with him. At court, the plan from the foster system was for nonreunification and we were totally removed from his life (we objected). We are allowed one 2-hour supervised visit per week.

    We can only assume that they wanted to discharge our son and this was the way it was done. How do we complain about such unethical behavior? According to the state office her license has lapsed, but she still signs things LCSW.

  41. hello fellow social workers! I’ve been in the field (child protection) for 18 years and I’m all for self care (especially if it involves margaritas or new shoes). Here’s another option for self care–please check out my blog in which I discuss my soon to be released novel, “Unprotected”. It is the story of a young child protection social worker with a lonely past. I thought we social workers should be the star of the show every once in a while!

  42. After watching the CBS piece about homelessness in Seminole County FL I was touched by the plight of the Metzger family. It occurs to me that we have a cabin on our Ozark mountain property that we would love to renovate. It’s livable as is but could use some updating which we plan to do in the future. As my husband and I are retired and nearing 70 without children or grandchildren, how I wish we knew of a family such as the Metzgers that could live on our place and perhaps help us out as we would help them. We could be a great help to each other. There must be many elderly couples in our situation that have space for a family, a vacant cabin, an unused RV, even a basement would be better than living in a car. How wonderful it would be to have someone to help with repairs, gardening, etc in exchange for free rent, food and utilities. Does anyone know of any organizations that match up people needing a home with those offering one in exchange for work? If so, I’d love to know about it. My email is

  43. Dr.Perry, you need me bad, I can be reached @ 443-527-4040, wk. 443-263-8736

  44. Hello fellow social workers–I am happy to announce that my novel, “unprotected” was released last month. “unprotected” is the story of a young social worker with a lonely past who faces off against a small town’s favorite son who is accused of abusing his son. “unprotected” shows real life social work: the angst, the frustration, the drudgery, the reward. I wrote this novel because I wanted to give people a realistic look at what we do. As a child protection social worker for the past 18 years, I have grown weary of people thinking that all I do is take people’s kids away…

    Please check out my website:

    Or purchase “unprotected” yourself at or Thank you for your support!

  45. Hi social workers –

    I’ve seen social workers represented poorly in a few movies recently: The Odd Life of Timothy Green comes particularly to mind. I’m reviewing movies from an adoption social worker’s perspective on and thought you might be interested.

  46. To whom it may concern,
    We are putting an orientation together in our facility and gathering all social workers form the distrit and we are looking for a trainer or educator that can come in to give a free workshop regarding Continuing Education units.
    I would grately appriciate your help guiding me through either you or anyone that can I reach out too.
    Thank you for you attention,

    PS. i cant see your email add, if you can please email me, i greatly appreciated.

  47. Please email Stephanie Chambers, manager of credentialing and continuing education at the National Association of Social Workers. Her email is

  48. In trying to vote for NASW Media Awards I noticed that a selection had already been made for best doc.
    You’re going to have a problem there…

  49. Peter:
    You should be able to change your selection by clicking on your choice.

    Greg Wright
    Senior Communications and Public Relations Specialist

  50. How can these social workers complain about low pay but yet everyone of them I have ever seen drives $30,000 and $40,000 cars? Sounds to me like they get paid to much to make up lies on families just to get federal $ for each kid they take! And what’s up with this $10,000 bonus they get for a kid getting adopted? That’s why they have record numbers of kids in their custody!

  51. Interesting comments to review as student working towards my BSW. Being a male in a female dominated field is also interesting. Thus far I have found my educational experience to be somewhat narrow in compared with what is promoted as a very open minded and progressive occupation. I come to the field after having spent many years in business which has been helpful for the real world. Sometimes I think that
    many students (and instructors) should have spent some time working in business to understand how social programs are funded.

    After a semester as an intern at a correctional facility I heard some of these same comments on compensation/stress. Most of the staff did amazing work for little money or appreciation. I will however admit that many in administration of the facility would never be able to hold a professional position in business. Basic functions of leadership were missing to keep the organization working toward it’s primary mission of rehabilitation.

    I am lucky, entering this field very late in life and view it as a new opportunity. I would have never been able to do so while trying to raise a family, my children would have become clients of the social welfare system. I see this as an opportunity to offer a client a different life perspective than what I am seeing offered thus far in the field. I hope I will be able to achieve my goal of being one of the few “compassionate conservative” male social workers of the future!

  52. it is nice initiative and a platform for professional social workers to share their experiences and perceptions about how well we can improve the lives of people.besides exploring more options of contributing in the field….

  53. Hello,

    I’m Dr. Horace S. Browntrout, and I’ve just written a hilarious spoof of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM). It’s called Mental Disorders of the Mind, the Definitive Diagnostic Compendium, and you can find it reasonably priced at There, you’ll also find a more detailed description of the book itself. I’d love it if your editors would care to review my book.

    As you might have guessed, “Browntrout” is a pen name, and I’m not a doctor of anything other than humorology. You see, I have worked in the mental health field for many years, and if my colleagues found out I wrote a ridiculous satire of the holy bible of mental health, well…some folks might not take too kindly to that.

    The way I see it, DSM and academia are fraudulent, pretentious, and have little or nothing to do with seeking or finding real truth. Humor is a powerful weapon for exposing hidden agendas, and I have used it with great, impish delight to lampoon the for-profit psychiatric drug industry, the growing trend to pathologize all human behavior, and the arbitrary nature of many diagnostic categories.

    Here is a small sampling of some of the therapies, diagnoses, and tests discussed in the book:

    Pediatric Pouty Lip
    The Cry Level Scale
    Juanabuse (pronounced: who-wanna-buse), drug that helps marijuana users crave alcohol
    Cuddle Deficit Disorder
    Moochism and Moochism by Proxy

    This is a book that is sure to offend those in the establishment. It’s a short, fun read. I think you’ll love it, so I encourage you to buy it, read it, tell your friends about it, and if you like it, give me a cyber high-five by writing a review on Amazon and elsewhere. It will help me raise the profile of the book and get the word out.

    Also, feel free to give me a shout on twitter. Thank you and happy reading!

  54. It’s no secret that homelessness is a huge issue today. I would love to see you cover some advice on how we can help. So many people walk by those on the street and keep walking because they are too afraid to give them money. While I do not necessarily agree with this, some people are worried that the homeless will use the money for something other than necessities (food, water, etc.) How can those who don’t want to give money still help? I would love to see some suggestions. Maybe volunteering at shelters, or buying food and giving it to the homeless. I also think it would be a good resource if we could give passersby’s a list of resources in their area that they could share with the homeless community to help get them back on their feet.

    Thank you for your time.

    Alexandra Abboud
    Miami University, OH

  55. I wanted to speak on the topic of intimate partner violence. This is a topic that is not often brought up because people do not want to talk about it, even if they know someone in this type of relationship. I feel that we need to get more people talking about the subject and advocating that we can not be silent. One of the main reason people are so silent abut this topic is that there is no education on it. Often times partners who are being abused whether is physical or emotionally have no idea they are in a violent relationship. It all starts with education and awareness. Through that we can start truly eliminating the problem.

  56. I have strong concerns about an ad for Kayak travel services. It depicts a man using an older woman’s stair lift when the older woman is seen in the ad, gasping and holding onto the bannister. It is a depiction of willful deprivation toward an elderly person who clearly cannot use the stairs without assistance. Elder abuse is a very serious and growning problem. I am imagining that this ad would be in worse taste if the person was a paraplegic, amputee or had some other disability. You can view this ad at

    Thank you for looking into this. I have attempted to use social media on twitter and shared my thoughts, but were ignored by Kayak. I have also been in contact with the National Center on Elder Abuse who also agree with how awful this ad was, but they are not in the position to respond to Kayak.
    Holly Lichtman, LCSW (member of NASW)
    Supervisor, Adult Protective Services
    North Shore Senior Center
    Northfield, IL

  57. Ms. Lichtman:

    Thanks for sharing your concern about the Kayak advertisement with us.

    I would suggest sending a certified letter to Kayak CEO Steve Hafner about your concern. Usually a physical letter is more effective than a social media post. Kayak’s address is 7 Market Street Stamford, CT 06902.

    There is also a customer feedback link on the Kayak website. You can post your letter there. Here is the link:

    Lastly if you care to write a short item on why you think the advertisement is offensive I may be able to post on However, I have to get the issue vetted by the proper staff here.

    Take care.

    Greg Wright
    NASW Public Relations Manager

  58. Hello Mr. Wright:

    I am writing to ask for your assistance in publicizing a radio broadcast that deals with issues of returning “Post 9/11 Veterans”.i am the co-producer of the program.

    It is scheduled to air on Sunday, Sept. 20th. Please advise as to how I might be able to publicize it to the “Social Workers Speak” audience. Thank you.

    Silas Kelly, NASW Member
    Social Work Media Specialist

  59. Mr. Kelly:

    Thanks so much for alerting us. Please email me at so we can arrange a time to chat.

    Greg Wright
    NASW Public Relations Manager

  60. Hello Mr. Wright:

    Thank you for your reply. I actually emailed you on September 9th at 1:17 pm about the broadcast. I will call you to follow-up.

    Silas W. Kelly
    NASW Member
    Social Work Media Specialist

  61. Hello Mr. Wright:

    Thank you so much for this great assist in publicizing this broadcast on such an important topic. I truly appreciate it.

    Silas W. Kelly – LMSW, CMHT
    NASW Member
    “Social Work Media Specialist”

  62. In several recent N.A.S.W. resource publications, I’ve been disappointed to see the exclusion of Reeta Wolfsohn, CSM’s Financial Social Work discipline over the least 17 years. She has been responsible for the creation and development of this discipline. Countless therapists have learned it thru her and a vast number of clinicians have learned it thru her courses, webinars, newsletters and the like. Then the spiraling number of clients have learned this Social Work Certified financial curriculum, benefitting both in their financial lives and in their lives in general, by means of this knowledge and these skills.
    Reeta Wolfsohn, CMSW always welcome to share the financial discipline she developed, refined and shared, in the interest of introducing it to increasing numbers of clinicians, layman and others so that her financial insights, knowledge and studies can continue to grow and be refined, well beyond its already 17 years of development, growth, refinement and dissemination.
    I think this is a very important development of continued growth in social work services that can be provided, and improved, that would have rippling positive effects upon clients, other therapists and the community. Please continue to spread the words. Thanks very much.

    Ernest Wahrburg, MSW

  63. Mr. Wahrburg:

    Thanks for alerting us. Ms. Wolfsohn sounds like a great resource. Please contact NASW Press Publisher Cheryl Bradley ( and Yvette Mulkey in our continuing education department ( to see in what ways we can use her work.

    Greg Wright
    NASW Public Relations Manager

  64. Great web site! Sadly my daughter said she wanted to be a social worker when she grew up and I begged her to never utter those words again. Our profession is the most disrespected low paying profession that requires an advanced degree. So sad. I blame the ninnies in our profession who disrespect themselves and continually put up with bs and nit pick one another. We really should view each other as volunteers because we basically make nothing while we struggled to pay loans while putting our selves in harms way. Hilariously, our ethical standards are higher than doctors. If I didn’t have my husband’s income I’d be in trouble barely able to support my self and my daughter. Stop the masochism people.

  65. As an LCSW, I strongly advise other to stay clear from this horrible “profession”. After years of schooling, thousands of hours of supervision, testing,and continuing credits we still get paid a terrible salary. I have not paid into the NASW for years since they have done nothing to bring respect the social work name and raise the salaries of social workers. We are supposed to advocate for others, while placing ourselves last.
    It is a dead end career that is a daily hell. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. Case loads get larger, while the salaries remain low. If you are thinking of entering this profession, do not. If you want to “help” people, volunteer and get yourself a well respected and well paid job.

  66. Great informative meeting place!

    I am researching what seems to be a changing trend. African American families, whom in the past took care of their aging and sick family members in the home, no longer seems to be doing so as generations past.

  67. I would like to sign up for the email list. I attempted to do so but the link did not work

  68. Good morning. We are no longer sending out regular email updates on We will remove the inactive link. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

  69. I am very concerned about the recent acts of children and babies separated from families. This is horrible! However, something that needs investigating, the people who are caring for these children. Are these people having background checks for sex offenses, felonies, substance use, etc.? I fear that the volume is not allowing the powers that be to have this done on every adult that is caring for these children. It is law with HHS and DCS, that child care workers have Background Checks prior to doing Direct Care.

  70. Hello,

    At the risk of being redundant, as I have not had a chance to read all of the other feedback and comments made here, I would like to say the following as my gut level reaction to this news:

    I cannot tell you how pleased I was to see that there will begin to be more accurate accounts of how and why we do what we do as social workers. I am equally pleased that given the lower number of males in the profession that it will be male voice and insight. With that said, I am also hopeful that there will be enough female guest speakers to round out these conversation, as well as other marginalized/less represented voices who are members of our profession. Can’t wait to see the show and congrats for getting it on the agenda.

  71. How do I submit an article?

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