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UPDATE: Social Worker says Court Drops $50 Ticket

Caroline Robby’s son holds up the ticket. Photo courtesy of NBC News.

National Association of Social Workers member Caroline Robboy made the news when Philadelphia police gave her a $50 ticket last September after her two-year old son urinated in public.

Robboy, MSW, QCSW, ACSW, was out eating and shopping with her three children and elderly in-laws when the children said they had to go to the bathroom.

The clothing store would not let them use their facilities so Robby headed back to the Johnny Rockets restaurant but her son said he could not hold it any longer.

Robboy directed him to pee in a grassy area but he urinated against a lamp post.

A policeman issued a ticket and lectured Robboy, who is a specialist on early child education and sex education counselor, on exposing her child to perverts. Some members of the public said the police overreacted while others said Robboy should have been better prepared.

Robboy told via email that she went to court to challenge the ticket and it was dismissed.

“When I went to court the ticket was dropped.¬† Interestingly,. when I went to the police department and filed a report, I was told that the officer was right and I was wrong. ¬†Thanks for following up with me,” she wrote.

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