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Social Worker gets $50 ticket when 2-year-old son urinates in street

Social worker Caroline Robboy’s son holds the $50 ticket. Photo courtesy of NBC.

National Association of Social Workers member Caroline Robboy will fight a $50 ticket a Philadelphia policeman gave her because her two-year-old son urinated in public, according to this FCN news article and video clip.

Robboy, MSW, QCSW, ACSW, was eating and shopping with her elderly in-laws and three young children on Sunday when two of her children said they had to use the bathroom.

The clothing store they were in would not let them use the bathroom so Robboy headed back to the restaurant to use their facilities. Her son couldn’t hold it any longer so Robboy directed him to pee on a grassy spot although her son actually urinated on a lamppost.

Caroline Robboy. Screenshot courtesy of FCN.

A policeman walked over, lectured Robboy on parenting, and gave her the ticket. According to the video clip, the officer told Robboy he was concerned that letting her son pee in public would expose him to a pervert.

Ironically, Robboy is a sex education counselor and trained in early childhood education issues.

“If this were my 9-year-old or 6-year-old I would have been mortified and would have had a much more adult conversation with him,” she said.

Some readers have criticized Robboy, saying she should have been better prepared. Others have supported her.

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  1. No one gave BP a ticket for relieving itself in the Gulf of Mexico

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