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News Items – July 26, 2013

Vt. point system for homeless would limit motel stays
“The pendulum has swung from one end of, ‘Let’s get everyone in,’ to the other end of, ‘We need to really clamp down,’ ” said Erin Ahearn, the lead clinical social worker at the Safe Harbor Center in Burlington, Vt. The point system would have taken effect July 15 if not for the opposition of advocates for the homeless like Ahearn, who demanded a change.

Reporting Child Abuse: Navigating One’s Responsibility as a Mandated Reporter
Social Justice Solutions
Recently, I came across an article in the The New Social Worker Magazine discussing a social worker’s responsibility as a mandated reported in the workplace. The author, Kathryn S. Krase, discusses how reporting is affected by one’s workplace environment such as how a private practitioner has the “ultimate authority” on reporting child maltreatment and how a social work practicing in an agency has to take into consideration the agency’s policies and supervisor’s directions.

How to stop making these 3 money mistakes: Psychological problems people have with their finances
Financial advisers and therapists have identified a number of psychologically-based mistakes people make with their money.  “How you feel is how you deal…with money, that is,” says New York psychotherapist Karol Ward, whose six-figure clients help other people make money but find it difficult to hold on to their own.

Making Sure Children Don’t Go Hungry: Our Daily Bread provides meals for children during summer break
“This new partnership with Marshall Road is successful because there is a champion within the school,” Whetzel said. “If there is not a willing social worker and PTA, it cannot work. We applaud Jean Wyman and the PTA for seeing the need in their school and reaching out to ODB to make this work.”

[Video] Addicted to your smartphone? You’re not alone
“If you’re having damaging results in your life with your job or marriage or the things that mean so much to you, then obviously that is a concern,” said Jennifer Schneiderman, clinical social worker at Waverly Health Center. “So we just need to be careful about our relationships with a lot of different things so they don’t become a problem.”

Child protection aims to strengthen families
“Many folks think we just take people’s kids away,” says Hugh Rutledge, intake social work supervisor, “but we don’t want to do that. Our primary purpose is to ensure the safety of neglected, abused or dependent children, but more often we do that by providing supportive services and connecting families to helping agencies than we do by taking children into custody.”

[Video] Billings woman shares her story of losing husband to cancer, encourages others to attend “Stupid Cancer” camp
People ages 18 to 40 will have the opportunity to take a part in a one day stupid cancer boot camp this Saturday July 27th. “We’re hoping that by bringing stupid cancer to Billings, that more of our young adults will come and want to get together and talk about the issues that they’re facing,” said Billings Clinic Social Worker Jennifer Finn.

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