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News Items – February 18, 2014

Is Full Employment a Pipe Dream?
Social Justice Solutions
Charles E. Lewis Jr., Ph.D—Congresswoman Barbara Lee, chair of the Congressional Social Work Caucus joined several of her colleagues in forming the Full Employment Caucus last week. Led by the venerable Congressman John Conyers from Detroit, the Full Employment Caucus will focus its attention on developing ideas that will lead to accelerating employment opportunities for millions of Americans seeking work. “One of the primary vehicles and pathways out of poverty is a job,” said Rep. Barbara Lee. “That’s what people want. People don’t want to have to rely on food stamps, Section 8 or Medicaid. People want a job.”

Five things you don’t know about Tommy Wells, progressive stalwart for D.C. mayor
The Washington Post
Tommy Wells, a former social worker and child welfare advocate, is seeking to build on his reputation as an advocate for “livable, walkable communities” as he seeks to move from lawmaker to mayor. Here’s five things you might now know about the 56-year-old D.C. Council member…

Pitt professor uses social work to treat emotional disorder
The Pitt News
When the first trial of Cognitive Enhancement Therapy to treat schizophrenic individuals ran in 2004, Shaun Eack said it was met with some skepticism. “There was a whole series of articles saying the brain and schizophrenia cannot be changed — and it sure as hell can’t be changed by a social worker,” Eack said. That was the case until the development of Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET), a rehabilitation program intended to treat individuals suffering from schizophrenia through brain-stimulating exercises.

Heroin overdose task force aims to curb deaths, support those suffering from addiction
The Register-Citizen
The more than 20 organizations and individuals comprising the Community Task Force on Heroin Overdoses are in the process of creating a position at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital they hope will assist those seeking treatment for substance abuse.

Social Work Degrees and 25 Notable Online Programs
The Best Schools
Social work degrees equip you to be a life-changing force and meet a variety of obstacles and challenges head-on. It is essential to your social work career longevity that you learn how local and federal policies work (making the job at hand manageable), and that you develop systems for understanding and coping with the trials you will face. Social work demands grit and compassion, alongside appropriate training, but the rewards are priceless.

Conference Aims For Full LGBTQ Inclusion In Society
Youth Today
The Family Acceptance Project, an innovative program affiliated with San Francisco State University, operates on empirical data it has collected from more than a decade of extensive family interviewing. Its director, clinical social worker Dr. Caitlin Ryan, says outcomes for gay youth differ, depending on whether the family is accepting, ambivalent or rejecting.

[Video] How to spot and combat seasonal depression
The Wall Street Journal
Another snowstorm slamming the northeast, and for some of us it’s starting to feel like winter is breaking our spirits. Licensed clinical social worker and therapist Laura Miller joins the News Hub with tips for keeping the winter blues at bay.

Helping people achieve overall wellness: Social worker Marian Truax offers gentle therapeutic intervention
Saratoga County Spotlight
Marian Truax, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, opened her private practice around two months ago on Delaware Avenue. She continues to work for Equinox Inc., providing outpatient mental health services, and she previously worked as a clinician at the Center for Disability Services. #At her private practice, she offers an array of mental health services, which includes treating depression, anxiety and stress related to work or family.

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