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Portrait of happy family sitting on sofaMaribel Quiala is a member; this media contact was facilitated by Greg Wright. The story concerns when families should discuss sensitive topics with their children:
¿Qué temas debes abordar con tus hijos?
La mayoría de nosotras no dudaríamos en evitar que nuestros hijos se expongan a peligros. Pero al hablar con ellos, las cosas se hacen más difíciles, ya que ciertos temas pueden generarnos dudas y temor. ¿Debemos hablar del tema o no? De acuerdo con Maribel Quiala, trabajadora social y experta en relaciones, a toda edad, los niños recurren a sus padres en busca de respuestas. Al abordar un tema “sensible”, debes crear el ambiente propicio para que pueda expresarse.

FSU researchers receive grant to help divorcing parents
Tallahassee Democrat
A group of researchers from Florida State University received a $250,000 grant from the Vandermark Foundation to create an online toolkit designed to foster healthy co-parenting in families of divorce.… The Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce project is a joint effort of Florida State’s College of Education, College of Communication and Information and College of Social Work.

[Video] UT students start social media movement against sexual assault on campus
MyFOX Austin
The School of social work has been doing research on this issue for the past 15 years. A new report on state-wide sexual assault prevalence shows… • 6.3 million Texans have experienced some form of sexual assault in their lifetime. • The majority of victims are adult women and in most cases the perpetrator was an acquaintance or friend. • That statistic has gone up dramatically since 2003, when it was 1.9 million Texans.

Lisa Kays is a member:
Ben Carson doesn’t really know what a ‘psychopath’ is
The Washington Post
Lisa Kays, a licensed clinical social worker in Washington, said in a phone interview that to clinically be described as a psychopath, someone must show signs before age 15, and must meet three criteria from a list that includes things like deceitfulness, failure to plan ahead, consistent irresponsibility and a lack of remorse.  There’s also the possibility of anti-social behavior, increased risk of violence, failure to conform to social norms and saying things for shock value. “We don’t see a whole lot of violence [in politicians],” Kays said. “They’re not impulsive.”

Lynn Thomas is a member: Utah nonprofit shares horse therapy wisdom with the world The Salt Lake Tribune Lynn Thomas, the nonprofit’s founder and executive director, is a licensed clinical social worker who had nothing to do with horses before witnessing their use in therapy at a ranch for troubled boys. I’ve always been a believer in the experiential, the idea of doing versus just talking,” Thomas said. “When I saw horses added in, I was amazed. This works!” She formed the nonprofit in 1999 and it now has 4,500 members in 50 countries.

Sherry Saturno is a member:
Monday Morning Manager: Sherry Saturno
The Network for Social Work Management
Sherry Saturno, LCSW, DCSW  is the Executive Director of the Hudson Valley Care Coalition in New York  and a national Social Work Leadership fellowship recipient at New York University Silver School of Social Work. She is a also a documentary filmmaker whose short film, “Human Investment” will be shown at the national American Society on Aging Conference in Chicago this spring.

Tim Dallacqua is a member:
New LGBTQ center set to open in Great Falls
Great Falls Tribune
A center for LGBTQ people and their families and allies is opening in Great Falls, and members of the self-described “fluid” and “grass-roots” group say it’s not a moment too soon.… Tim Dallacqua, a licensed clinical social worker, had a space in mind for such a center and wanted to open one. Meanwhile, members of Open Definition: Great Falls LGBTQ + Allies had a similar idea. Since collaborating in January, they’ve put together the center.

Pam Key is a member:
Closet Exchange benefits charity, fuels spring cleaning
The Chicago Tribune
“Today is a perfect example of “paying it forward,'” said Pam Key, social worker at Sojourner Truth House, as she visited on Closet Exchange Day. “This is just like Lorna — she’s always looking out for us and others in the community.”

Kirby palmer is a member:
Suicide stuns CHS community, prompts outpouring of emotion
Claremont Courier
Local therapist and clinical social worker Kirby Palmer provides support to CUSD with regards to mental health issues and organizes the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention assembly that is held at the high school every other year. He was visible on campus, as were Principal Brett O’Connor and Assistant Principal June Hilton, letting students know they have the administration’s support during this difficult time.

Social Workers Merit a Higher Value in Society and on Paychecks
The Chronicle of Social Change
March has been National Social Worker Month in this country. I often wonder how unbearable life would be without the skill, commitment, tenacity and hard work of social workers, a position embedded in so many essential activities of our society. They work with children and seniors, the sick and impaired, victims and the exploited, the unemployed and those in recovery, schoolchildren, the dying and the mourning; in hospitals, in schools, in impoverished areas, in remote villages and our metropolitan areas.

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