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News Items – May 25, 2016

Lisa Pape is a member; NASW News is cited:
VA2K walk to encourage, support homeless veterans
Lisa Pape, national director of homeless programs for the Veterans Health Administration, said getting the right resources “is always a battle” in an article published in the April edition of the National Association of Social Workers Journal. “Federal money allows us to provide the programs that we do,” she said. “What that tells us is that homelessness is a solvable issue, and agencies, philanthropies and businesses can make a difference, and actually make history.”

Laurie Auffant is a member:
Lowell council backs transgender-rights bill amid emotional testimony
Lowell Sun (MA)
Laurie Auffant, who identified herself as a transgender woman, said she works with others transgender people as a clinical social worker and sees the challenges people face. “I know what it’s like to be one of those victims of harassment on the street,” Auffant said. “I know what it’s like to not feel safe in the restroom. I know what it’s like to be denied service in a public place.

Paula Crombie is a member:
Can an apartment cut health care costs of homeless ‘super users’?
The Connecticut Mirror
“Housing and health care are tied totally,” said Paula Crombie, director of the department of social work at Yale-New Haven Hospital. “If we get somebody housed who was homeless, their impact on health care is significant. They’re pulled out from the high utilizers to just a normal utilizer. It’s kind of amazing when you think about it.”

Wendy Behary is a member:
The Remarkable Shelf Life of the Offhand Comment
The New York Times
Wendy Behary, a licensed clinical social worker, said she once had a male patient who made an obscure literary reference during a therapy session. “He looked at my puzzled reaction and asked, ‘Do you read anything other than psychology books?’” she said. “His tone was gentle, it wasn’t mean or accusatory, but it hung for a while. I started cursing under my breath. Later, I went through my library, looking for my copy of ‘Hamlet.’ I thought, ‘I’ll recite a “Hamlet” soliloquy when I see him next!’ My colleagues and my mentor just stared at me, wondering why I was so triggered. I was having this little war inside my brain. ‘How dare he try to say he knows me!’”

Vincent Pereda is a member:
Member of Guam church’s sex-abuse board says he believes claims against archbishop
One member of a board that reviews sexual misconduct complaints within Guam’s Catholic Church resigned after writing email to the archdiocese’s sexual-abuse response coordinator saying he believes accusations made earlier this week that the archbishop molested a minor. Hours after Vincent Pereda‘s letter was delivered Wednesday, the Archdiocese of Agaña issued a three-sentence statement saying it affirms its commitment to its sexual-misconduct and -harassment policy.… Pereda said he has worked as a clinical social worker for more than 30 years. The Dededo, Guam, resident told the Pacific Daily News that he has to accurately determine if someone’s account of abuse is credible as part of his job.

Mary Anne Knapp is a member:
Way of life: Tamaqua woman leads charge for suicide prevention
Reading Eagle (PA)
Another system, “Show you CARE,” is in place at Penn State University. The acronym stands for communicating concern to someone who is suicidal, asking questions, reaching out for resources and engaging the person in those resources. Mary Anne Knapp, a longtime Penn State social worker and therapist, said there has been an increase in suicidal ideation and self-injury among college students. Beyond that, she speculated that suicide statistics are underreported. She said, “They are only calling it suicide when they have concrete proof.”

Larry E. Davis is a member:
‘Why Are They Angry With Us?’: Larry E. Davis takes a look at racial resentment from Jim Crow to Obama
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Larry E. Davis, Ph.D., is the popular and much-respected dean of the School of Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh and director of the university’s Center on Race and Social Problems. As the author of many textbooks on the subject, Mr. Davis has a unique perspective on the issue of race as a social scientist, scholar and black man in America. He has the credentials, lived experience and scholarly objectivity to look at race and racism from all sides.

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