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NASW’s Betsy Clark Interviewed About Being Asked for Advice by Fellow Travelers

Betsy Clark

Do you think traveling is easy for social workers and other mental health professionals? Sometimes when fellow travelers find out what they do they press social workers for free, on-the-spot advice or counseling.

National Association of Social Workers Executive Director Betsy Clark commented about the ethical dilemma this raises in this article in the New York Times.

“You can’t ensure confidentiality if the person’s in the middle seat and you’re in the window seat,” Ms. Clark said. “And we shouldn’t provide services when it’s not in the context of a professional relationship.”

Q: Social workers, do family, friends and casual acquaintances sometimes ask you for free advice that would be better offered in a professional environment?

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  1. Good Afternoon Betsy:

    I am extremely interested in traveling to Cuba. Currently, I am a Ph.D canditate in Social Work (last semester) completing my dissertation on Native Americans and suicide. I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with my Masters Degree in Social Work and completed my Bachelor’s Degree from St. Joseph’s University in Psychology. My father is a Blackfoot Indian and my mother is Cuban.

    I look forward to hearing from you regarding international travel to any and all destinations.

    Peace, Juanita

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