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Michigan Hiring 500 Social Workers

Michigan is recruiting 500 social workers for its child welfare department, according to this Lansing State Journal article.

The economically troubled state is able to hire these workers due to savings when 1,000 state workers retired early, the article said. Michigan is also under a court order to improve its foster child and child protection services.

The social worker jobs will pay¬†$38,700 to $49,400 annually for those with bachelor’s degrees or up to $57,300 for people with master’s degrees, the article said.

Want to find social work job openings around the nation? Visit the National Association of Social Workers’ JobLink Web page by clicking here.

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  1. I’m a graduate of Social Work, have 3 years experience in handling street children. I’m here in the Philippines, how can I apply for this job?

  2. Can we Filipino social worker apply that Job opening? I Had 6 years handling street children but with our master’s degree yet. Hoping of your benevolent reply. thank you.

  3. I would suggest you contact the National Association of Social Workers Michigan Chapter to find out about state job openings. Their phone number is 517-487-1548 or you can email

  4. Im a social worker in a non-government organization currently handling foster care service. i have 8 years experience handling children and youth.

  5. I am employed as a Social Worker (Supervisor) in a Government setting for 15 years…I handle court related cases of children, youth and women…i also supervise three social workers..

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