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Life with no stress boring, but stress must be handled

Photo courtesy of DH Information.

Stress is a fact of life. Without it, life would be be pretty boring.

Meredith Van Ness. Photo courtesy of LinkedIn.

However, social worker Meredith Van Ness, MSW LCSW, told Colorado’s Vail Daily newspaper the key is to manage stress so that it does not become chronic and overwhelming.

A few of her tips:

  • Get physical. Exercise helps people who are stressed or depressed recover more quickly.
  • Make small changes to address stress, such as getting proper sleep or eating more healthy foods.
  • Avoid alcohol and learn other methods to deal with stress, such as meditation and breathing exercises.
  • Keep a journal to record when you feel stressed and what caused it. This will help you avoid stressors.

You can read more of Van Ness’ tips in the Vail Daily news article.

You can learn more about how social workers help clients deal with emotional stress and mental illness by visiting the National Association of Social Workers’ “Help Starts Here” Mind and Spirit website.

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