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What should you do if a child is in danger?

The stunning case of 10 children in California who were held captive and abused by their parents have left many wondering when do they call authorities to help children they suspect are in danger.

Neighbors of the family had no idea what was going on in the house and local child protection agencies did not get a report.  in this article offered advice on who people can call if they suspect a child is being abused or neglected. They also interviewed Timothy Schmaltz, past president of the National Association of Social Workers Arizona Chapter and founding member of Protecting Arizona’s Families Coalition.

Schmaltz, a former child welfare official, said people should use common sense when deciding whether to report possible child abuse or neglect. That is because some children living in families in poverty may show signs that appear to be neglect.

He suggested to talking to the families first and seeing if they need assistance. If that doesn’t work or is not possible people should call authorities because it is better safe than sorry.

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  1. 1. I have had my LCSW for more than 10 years. I provide clinical supervision for recent graduates of MSW programs at my workplace (free of charge during work) and I want to know: Is there recommended continuing edu for clinical supervisors? I want to be the best clinical supervisor I can be.

    2. Few if any secrets stay secret for very long. How is it that local police knew nothing about the children who were held captive and tortured? Where are the extended family members? Did they never come to visit or send a child a birthday card in 29 years time? “Flowers In The Attic” kept this type of secret but NOT WITH 13 CHILDREN in the house!

    3. How can some new social workers get into VAs? The old guard at VA interviews and selects the new hires. They select applicants most like their selves so in essence there will never be a positive change of culture at VAs generation after generation until this practice changes. I would go to the VA but I believe I do not fit their profile of someone who never rocks the boat, never fights for positive change. I’m all about meeting the identified patient’s needs even when that goes off the “normal” services they are allowed to receive.

  2. We would suggest you go to NASW’s LinkedIn Group page and query some of the members there about the questions you need. As regards continuing education courses that may benefit your work in clinical supervision please browse NASW offerings:

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