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News Items – November 23, 2022

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Annalise Oatman is a member of NASW-CA:
Understanding Your Partner’s Communication Style Is Key To Strengthening Your Relationship—Here’s Where To Start
Well + Good
Sick of being lost in translation? You’ll need to take time to fully understand and respect your partner’s preferred communication style in order to bridge that gap. “It’s important to understand this stuff because the number one rule of effective communication—in any format—is to know your audience,” says psychotherapist Annalise Oatman, LCSW, founder of Deeper Well Therapy. “If you know your partner’s communication style and you are speaking their language, you are much more likely to feel seen, understood, and appreciated by each other, and you’re much less likely to railroad each other or step on each other’s toes.”

Josephine Coleman-Williams is a member of NASW-GA:
Non-profit providing tiny homes for veterans in Liberty Co.
A non-profit in Liberty County is working to help local veterans experiencing homelessness. They’re now one step closer to creating a tiny home community in Midway. A lot off of the Coastal Highway in Midway will soon be home to many veterans who need a home, according to leaders with an organization called BuddyWatch, Inc. They say it’s all about giving back to people who have already given our country so much. “When we say to our soldiers, ‘thank you for your service,’ that’s not enough. We can do better by serving them. We serve them by providing them places to live and opportunities to grow,” said Josephine Coleman-Williams with BuddyWatch Inc.

Susan Kates is a member of NASW-MA:
Dealing with grief can involve a variety of approaches
“Grief is a process, not an event. I tell my clients to ask for mutual support from family, friends and members of their community,” said Susan Kates, a Needham-based licensed independent clinical social worker who specializes in grief and loss counseling. “Tangible things like childcare and meals are so helpful. I also direct them to negotiate their priorities, so they are not getting too overwhelmed. Journaling is also a terrific way to express emotions and I encourage clients to honor their loss in a way that values the person,” she noted. “Be kind to yourself and breathe deeply as grief is hard.”

How COVID Changed My Life as Someone Who Is Immunocompromised
Mental Health Support: I changed my antidepressant because I felt the one I was using at the beginning of the pandemic wasn’t working for me. It has helped — my anxiety has decreased and I’m sleeping better — but it’s not a total solution for the emotions I’ve been going through lately. But switching medications wasn’t the only thing I did, I also reached out to my clinical social worker to talk about some of the uncomfortable emotions I was experiencing.

Carmen Gray is a member of NASW-TN:
‘It’s become normalized’ | Why an expert believes smash and grabs are on the rise
Police expect property crimes to ramp up as the holiday season goes on. The recent break-ins at the Walmart in Whitehaven and a shoe store on Winchester Road have some saying these types of crimes are a trend that’s becoming far too common. Licensed clinical social worker Carmen Gray said it’s “a different generation of young people. And I think that we can, you know, blame it on multiple reasons. We can blame it on social-economic reasons. We can blame it on parental reasons.”

Ellen Fox is a member of NASW-NM:
Hornswoggled? Blame the lack of education
Santa Fe New Mexican
I offer these staggering statistics as probable cause: According to a 2020 Gallup analysis of data collected by the U.S. Department of Education in 2012, 2014 and 2017, 54 percent of American adults have a literacy rate below a sixth grade level, and 21 percent of adults lack the literacy skills to complete tasks that require comparing and contrasting information, paraphrasing or making low-level inferences — as in discerning the differences between, for example, comparing Herschel Walker, a liar and misogynist with no political experience, and Rafael Warnock, a preacher and U.S. senator.

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