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Members in the News – August 11, 2023

Villa law creates new path to licensure for social workers
Illinois Senate Democrats
This law was an initiative of a group of concerned social workers and the National Association of Social Workers after a study found that people of color, older adults and people with disabilities fail the licensure exam at dramatically higher rates than their counterparts, indicating unfair bias on the exam. In Illinois, data shows that first-time pass rates vary by race and ethnicity. White individuals have the highest pass rate at 82.5%. Asian individuals have a pass rate of 70%, followed by Hispanic individuals at 59.6%. Black individuals have the lowest pass rate at 42.4%.

Joanne Belloli is a member of NASW-MI:
Precious Blood Sister celebrates 60 years of religious life
The Courier
Belloli is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and the NASW Academy of Certified Social Workers, and also holds a CAADC—Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor credential. She also holds a master of pastoral studies from Loyola University Chicago. She earned a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Dayton and a master’s degree in education from the University of Detroit (now University of Detroit Mercy).

Robin Bilazarian is a member of NASW-NJ:
It Turns Out, Washing Your Face Can Benefit Your Brain
Mind Body Green
As licensed clinical social worker and master EFT trainer Robin Bilazarian, LCSW, DCEP, previously told mbg, “When we are agitated or stressed out, everything about us is robbing blood to go to major muscles.” Think about how the color may drain from your face when you’re met with a bout of anxiety. By encouraging blood flow back into the face, you signal to the rest of your body that it’s OK to relax. 

Lily Thrope is a member of NASW-NYC:
My Son, Superhero In Training
I asked Lily Thrope, a licensed clinical social worker and certified intuitive eating counselor, about red flags for parents when it comes to behavioral or psychological shifts along these lines. “Boys are not identified as frequently as girls when it comes to eating disorders and body image issues because it can look very sneakily healthy,” Thrope said. “Being strong is great. So is taking care of yourself. It is the obsessive piece that complicates things. It is trying to get bigger in a way that ignores genetics and their own body cues.”

Susan Radzilowski is a member of NASW-MI:
Trans youth in Michigan can get free therapy through this grant
Michigan Radio
The program also connects clients with a pre-approved list of mental health providers in Michigan who have expertise in caring for the LGBTQ community. Susan Radzilowski, a licensed clinical social worker, is one of them. When her own child came out as trans some 18 years ago, resources were nearly impossible to find, she said, and the experience was isolating.

Theresa Nguyen is a member of NASW-CA:
Back-to-school mental health: 5 tips for returning to the classroom
US Times-Post
When you’re feeling a hurricane of stress and anxiety as you start school, there are effective ways to respond, says Theresa Nguyen, licensed clinical social worker and vice president of policies and programs at Mental Health America. “You can control your fear…” says Nguyen. “The worst thing you can do is ignore it.”

Janea Swander is a member of NASW-VA:
Ten Questions with Janea Swander
Williamsburg-Yorktown Daily
I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and owner and founder of my solo private practice, Connection Therapy Services, LLC ( I provide online counseling services to adults living in the Commonwealth of Virginia. My main specialty is in providing trauma therapy to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

Janet Urdahl is a member of NASW-DE:
Watch: Former Methadone Clinic Director Slams Culture of Cruelty
Filter Magazine
My name is Janet Urdahl and I am also an LCSW, CADC. I am a native New Yorker but relocated. My current position is as an executive director of a methadone clinic. This is my first experience working inside a methadone clinic although I have been in the field for 40 years.

Claire Lerner is a member of NASW-DE:
Your Child Can Be Strategic, Not Manipulative
Psychology Today
Children are driven to get what they want, and will use any tools at their disposal that help them reach their goal—they are not purposefully trying to drive their parents crazy. If throwing a tantrum results in extra iPad time, a later bedtime, or simply getting more of your attention, your toddler is putting two and two together, making an important assessment: “Excellent strategy; put that one in the win column.”

Leora Lowenthal is a member of NASW-MA:
Here’s why some people keep their cancer diagnosis to themselves: ‘An incredibly personal decision’
For any career-minded person, there might be some “worrying about protecting present and future employment possibilities,” especially if you think people are “perceiving you as having limited time or limited capacity.” For practical guidance around what to disclose at work, Lowenthal, who is a senior clinical social worker for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Department of Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care, tells Yahoo she encourages people to “know your rights,” and consult with guides such as those provided by Triage Cancer.

Michelle Sperlich is a member of NASW-MI:
UB social worker receives $150,000 NIH award to advance a support program for pregnant and new moms
University at Buffalo
Mickey Sperlich, PhD, an associate professor in the UB School of Social Work, will partner with the Buffalo Prenatal-Perinatal Network (BPPN) on a study that will advance the science behind the Survivor Moms’ Companion (SMC), a supported self-study intervention Sperlich co-created while working as a researcher at the University of Michigan.

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