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News reports misidentify woman as social worker who allegedly accepted bribes to hide a child’s death

Nancy Caraballo. Photo from To read full article:

Nancy Caraballo. Photo from To read full article:

Some news reports are identifying a woman who allegedly accepted bribes to hide the death of a child as a social worker, but Nancy Caraballo is not a social worker, according to officials at the National Association of Social Workers Ohio Chapter.

Investigators claim Caraballo, who is actually a contract parent educator at the Bright Beginnings agency, bought thousands of dollars in food stamps over the years from Larissa Rodriguez. The food stamps were a bribe to keep Caraballo from reporting that Larissa Rodriguez and her boyfriend Chris Rodriguez had murdered her five-year-old son Jordan Rodriguez.

The mother and boyfriend buried the child in the backyard of their Cleveland home. Caraballo filed false reports to cover up the fact she skipped 11 visits to the home, including a visit the month before authorities found the child’s body after a tip from relatives.

Caraballo is not an educated and licensed social worker in Ohio and the NASW Ohio Chapter is working with news agencies to correct stories. The chapter is also planning meetings with editors and reporters in the state about the importance of using correct titles when identifying people as social workers.



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  1. Already bad they were wrong about her actual title. But why would anybody PAY somebody for the food stamps to keep themselves quiet? Wouldnt the parents have GIVEN her the stamps instead. Makes more sense to me..anyways. Sad about the child.

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