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New Orleans school uses social workers to help children living with trauma

Students at Crocker College Prep in New Orleans. Photo courtesy of NPR.

Students at Crocker College Prep in New Orleans. Photo courtesy of NPR.

Cheers to NPR for this news segment on a Crocker College Prep, a pre-K through 8th grade school in New Orleans that has a program to help children affected by trauma.

Rochelle Gauthier, MSW

Rochelle Gauthier, MSW

Children in New Orleans experience trauma at a higher rate than young people in other parts of the nation. In fact, one in five have witnessed a murder.

Crocker College Prep employs two full-time social workers who look for the reasons why a child may be defiant or withdrawn and offer help. Often it is because of something troubling that is happening to a child a home.

For instance one one seventh grader named Sherlae was silent and withdrawn in class.

Social Worker Rochelle Gauthier met with Sherlae  and learned the child’s mother grapples with mental illness and alcohol abuse. Gauthier is helping Sherlae cope through therapy and by using art and poetry to express herself.

“I think she’s a really easy kid to just fly under the radar,” said Gauthier, who is a member of  the National Association of Social Workers. “Because she’s not a behavior problem. She’s not causing a lot of disruption.”

Social workers help people overcome life’s challenges and live more fulfilling lives. To learn more visit NASW’s

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