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Film “Time Out of Mind” Immerses Viewers in the World of a Man who Becomes Homeless

Movie poster.

Movie poster.

The  film “Time Out of Mind”  follows a man named George who becomes homeless and has to navigate living on the bleak streets of New York City.

Throughout the film things keep getting  worst. First George, who is played by actor Richard Gere, is kicked out of an apartment where he has been squatting. He then tries to rebuild a relationship with his estranged daughter but she has harsh words for him.

Later he seems to hit rock bottom, eating out of a trashcan. But by  the end of the movie there is a glimmer of hope, critics said.

Oren Moverman

Oren Moverman

NASW had a small part in bringing “Time Out of Mind” to the screen. The film’s director and screenwriter Oren Moverman, sat on NASW’s Communications Network (NCN) Advisory Committee.

Moverman’s producers reached out to NASW to arrange visits to homeless shelters in New York City in order to make “Time Out of Mind” as accurate as possible. The NASW New York City Chapter was able to work with several members to arrange for Moverman and his filmmaking crew to go to some shelters.

“I visited a lot of homeless shelters,” said Moverman, who was traveling through Washington,m DC. on September 11 and spoke briefly with NASW’s

The film is playing in selected cities across the nation. Check local theater listings to find out where it is playing near you.


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