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Filmmaker and Social Worker Albert Dabah Congratulates NASW on its 65th Anniversary


Albert Dabah

Film Poster

Film Poster

Albert Dabah, MSW,  is a social worker so influenced by his early life and his experiences with mental health that he became a filmmaker, and has just this year released his first feature film, Extra Innings.

He would like to congratulate NASW on their 65th anniversary, and celebrate all the work that its members have done, particularly in behavioral and mental health treatment, where Albert has placed so much of his focus.

After losing two of his siblings to suicide, Albert earned his MSW and though he worked in the profession, over the course of the past 20 years he was driven to write and direct a feature film based on his true story, to explore how mental health has affected not only him, but his family and community.

It is an award winning film, and a very personal story of love, loss, and hope. You can watch Extra Innings now by ordering the DVD or finding it on major digital video.


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