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Survey: Tough Laws, Treatment Deter Drunk Driving

Associate Professor Timothy Conley. Photo courtesy of the University of Montana.

Tougher laws and treatment for alcohol abuse are the strongest deterrents to drunk driving, according to a survey by the University of Montana. posted this article on the survey results.

Timothy Conley, associate professor at the University of Montana School of Social Work, led of team of student researchers who interviewed 201 people convicted of felony drunk driving in the state. Conley is also a member of the National Association of Social Workers.

Conley will present his findings to state lawmakers who are working on 2011 legislation to curb drunk driving.

To find out more about how social workers help people overcome addictions, please visit NASW’s “Help Starts Here” Addictions Web page by clicking here.

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  1. Amazing work Tim! Keep it up, this is brilliant stuff- you and Matt make me proud to be UM alum!!!

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