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Upcoming Film “The Messenger” Tackles Death, Grief

QUESTION: Do you think the process of death and grieving is handled accurately in the news, television and movies? Leave a comment!

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  1. The biggest travesty in the many forms of current media regarding grief and loss is the use of the term of “closure”. When people die very seldom can the loved ones left behind achieve nor desire to achieve “closure.” This word needs to removed and replaced with something more appropriate. This mean coming to terms with someone’s death but not closing the door on a prior significant relationship.

  2. I agree as well. In addition, the media tends to portray grief as something that a character gets through in one episode. How many times have you seen a person grieving in one episode and then they are back to normal in the next? That is unrealistic and so when people experience the loss of a loved one, they expect the grieving process to be just as quick. I would like to see movies or shows that acurately depict loss and grief.

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