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Social Worker Says Watching Film About Herself was “Surreal”

Margaret Humphreys. Photo courtesy of the Metro.

Social work heroine Margaret Humphreys said it was “surreal” watching actress Emily Watson portray her in the film “Oranges and Sunshine,” according to this article in Britain’s Metro.

” I thought: ‘I know this person,’ because the things happening on screen to her had happened to me,” Humphreys said.

Humphreys made public that Great Britain sent more than 100,000 foster children overseas without parental permission. Sometimes these children were told their parents had died.

Some were were forced to work and were sexually abused. Others have struggled to reconnect with birth families.

“Oranges and Sunshine” has already played in movie theaters in Great Britain and is now available on DVD there. Americn promoters of the film told it should begin showing in the U.S. theaters this fall.

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