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Movie Question: Does Title of Upcoming Film Denigrate Profession?

Declan Reynolds in "Social Work." Photo courtesy of Julian Benson Management.

Declan Reynolds in "Social Work." Photo courtesy of Julian Benson Management.

Many social workers are concerned about how the media portrays the profession. It will be interesting to see how social workers react to the title of an upcoming movie.

Irish actor, director and screenwriter Declan Reynolds is set to release his independent film,“Social Work,” in March.

Think the film is about the trials, tribulations and joys of social work? Think again. It’s centers on another kind of social worker — the bouncers, coat checkers and other folks who work in a seedy nightclub. To watch a promo clip of the movie click here.

All this leads to these movie questions:

Q: Do you think the title of the movie disrespects social workers and denigrates the job title?   Should social workers ask director Declan Reynolds to change the title before the film release?

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  1. Social Work is helping people.. bottom line… using ones skills to help another person. This movie is an affirmation that helping others exist in all realms, including the club scene. A DJ is a form of Social Work, because it uses their skills as well as ecology to provide a great atmosphere that establishes happiness to clients. It is a more direct form of Social Work, but it is Social Work nontheless. It is a humble profession, so we must be humble and be thankful that no matter what job ones possess, if the job consists of helping people in any way, shape or form, as well as personal sacrifice for the greater good of individuals, than that is Social Work.

  2. No, no and no. The movie title neither disrespects social workers, nor does it denigrate the job title. There’s no reason to request a change of the film’s title.
    The film has nothing to do with social workers or the social work profession. The title is mererly a play on words, a pun. Much ado about nothing.

    E. A. Wahrburg, MSW, LCSW

  3. Sounds like a play on words rather than someone calling themselves a social worker. I don’t take issue with that. I would feel differently if they were portraying the profession in a bad light.

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