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Young Woman Discovers Social Work is Her Calling

Bethany Zellmer. Photo courtesy of the LaCrosse Tribune.

Cheers to the LaCrosse Tribune in Wisconsin for this article on aspiring social worker Bethany Zellmer, a student at Viterbo University.

Zellmer majored in business but didn’t like it. Then she dropped out of school for awhile and work in retail and realized selling clothes was not her thing either.

It was only after she worked with developmentally disabled adults did she decide her true calling is social work.

Zellmer, who is the daughter of the social work program director at Viterbo University, still admits social work is a tough career. In her fieldwork she has had to work with children from troubled backgrounds.

“I can see the positive impact,” Zellmer said. “I want to be able to make positive changes in a young child’s life, whether they remember me or not.”

Are you interested in a career in social work. To learn more about this challenging but rewarding profession visit the National Association of Social Workers’ “Be A Social Worker” Web site by clicking here.

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