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Massachusetts newspaper misuses social work title in case of woman who allegedly stole from client

Jeers to the  Sentinel & Enterprise in Lowell, MA. The newspaper posted an article on Wednesday about Karen Tabales, a “social worker” who allegedly stole more than $6,000 over two years from a client living with with an intellectual disability.

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) contacted Tabales’ former employer employer Seven Hills Foundation and learned Tabales is likely not an educated and licensed social worker.

“To the best of our knowledge she isn’t a licensed social worker.  In fact, we aren’t sure she is licensed at anything,” Bill Stock, the vice president of Government and Community Relations, said via email. “I believe the using of the term social worker was strictly by the newspaper in trying to find a way to describe what she did.  She certainly wasn’t employed by us as a social worker.”

NASW has contacted the reporter to request a correction in yet another case of misuse of the social work title.


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