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Woman with Disability Pushed Seven Years to Earn Social Work Degree

Lindsay Alvarez. Photo courtesy of

It took Lindsay Alvarez seven years to do it but she earned her bachelor’s degree in social work from the University of South Alabama.

The journey was harder for Alvarez because she has cerebral palsy, according to this article on During the seven years she and her family had to arrange her transportation to college and make sure she had attendants to help her in classes.

To add to the challenges Alvarez had several surgeries while working on her bachelors degree. Yet she refused to ask for special treatment, although she said she would not have succeeded without the help of her classmates, professors, family and attendants.

“Just like in my favorite TV show, ‘The Amazing Race,’ there are roadblocks and detours along the way,” she said.

Alvarez interned at United Cerebral Palsy and for the past 23 years has been a camper and junior counselor at  Camp Smile, a program for children and young adults with disabilities.

Alvarez will begin an online masters degree course after taking a summer break.

Cheers to the for telling us about Lindsay Alvarez’s story.

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