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Vancouver Sun Profiles Pioneering Social Worker Who Died in Plane Crash

Catherine White-Holman. Photo courtesy of Vancouver Sun.

Catherine White-Holman. Photo courtesy of Vancouver Sun.

Our regards  to the Vancouver Sun in Canada for their moving profile of Catherine White-Holman, a pioneering social worker who helped provide health care to the community and was an advocate for gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people. White-Holman, 55, recently died in a plane crash.

To read the full story click here.

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  1. Very sorry to learn of the death of a remarkable and pioneering social worker who must have been a fine human being, based on the work that she did.

  2. Catherine was a bright light in both the LGBTQ and social work communities. With her huge heart, she helped the clients others had washed their hands of. Catherine always saw the gifts in every person she encountered, showed great love and compassion, found or made resources available that hadn’t existed, and guided thousands of people out from very dark spaces. She built both communities and services for the most disenfranchised people.

    Catherine was my mentor, and before that, she was my advocate and friend. She helped me restore my own self-faith and recognize my gifts. I would be in a very different place had I not been blessed with knowing her.

    Catherine will be missed deeply by so very many. Godspeed.

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