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Thanks Dear Abby!

“Proud Parents in Des Moines” wrote columnist Dear Abby (Jeanne Phillips) to ask for advice on friends who were dissing their daughter for earning a masters degree in social work.

“You know she’s going to starve, don’t you?,” one friend said. Another said, “Oh, they don’t make much money.”

Cheers to Dear Abby for praising their daughter’s career decision and giving the parents guidance on how to respond to such rude comments. To read Dear Abby’s answer in the Kansas City Star  click here.

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  1. Great post! As someone is in the same situation as “Melanie”, I find it refreshing to see someone like Jeanne Philips defend our profession. There’s something wrong when receiving a MSW is considered almost shameful, as opposed to a source of pride. I really hope that there is a paradigm shift that changes this soon.

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