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Social Worker trying to improve society with Kindness in Action

Tina Staley

Tina Staley

Social worker Tina Staley’s program to improve the emotional well being of people living with cancer and other serious illnesses was featured in the documentary “What Love Is: The Duke Pathfinders 50.”

Now Staley is taking some of what she learned in that program at Duke University for a new initiative — Kindness in Action.

Staley said many cancer patients she worked with who were in the midst of chemotherapy and veterans returning from war with post traumatic stress disorder said when their health improved they wanted to give back to others.

“What actually took them to a place of purpose was acts of kindness,” said Staley, MSW, LCSW. “Kindness to self and kindness to others and getting involved in the community.”

Learn more about Staley’s work on kindness at her website.

Staley is now holding workshops and speeches where she teaches people the 12 steps to be more kind to themselves and others. Her work in promoting kindness is already winning praise from people such as Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper.

One of the steps to showing kindness is to take a moment to be fully present for others. This means dropping distractions such as using cellphones or thinking about work and other tasks and simply listening.

“A lot of patients I deal with are dealing with social isolation,” Staley said. “So I feel that some of these simple techniques help people so they feel less lonely and more connected.”

Social workers help people improve their mental well-being and relationships with others. To learn more visit the National Association of Social Workers’ “Help Starts Here” consumer website.


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  1. Nice! I love this concept/idea as I too have found that practicing kindness is very healing. Thank you for sharing!

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