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Quilt Raises Funds to Help Gulf Wildlife

Cheers to the Baltimore Sun for this article on a fundraising quilt made by students in social worker Brenda Wade’s Camp Achieve summer academic program.

The students, with the help of Wade and art teachers Ceilon Aspensen and Lisa Black, made a quilt to be sold at the  Art vs. Oil Spill charity auctions in the Gulf Coast. Funds raised would benefit wildlife affected by the oil spill.

The quilt sold for $700 at auction.

“The kids were really excited about the project and to help out,” said Wade, a National Association of Social Workers member and founder and executive director of Achievement Services Inc., the nonprofit organization that runs Camp Achieve.

“They understood the purpose of making it,” she said. “They understood, some of them probably for the first time, how good it feels to give than to receive.”

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