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North Dakota Students Rally Against Homelessness

Photo Courtesy of Minot Daily News

Photo Courtesy of Minot Daily News

We commend the Minot Daily News in North Dakota for covering the Minot State University Student Social Work Organization’s push to raise awareness of hunger and homeless in that region. The group is trying to break the misconception that the homeless are mostly veterans living under a bridge or a person living in a box. Women and their children are the largest homeless group in the area, assistant professor of social work Deb DeWitz said. To read the full story click here.

UPDATE: Here’s a follow-up¬†news article¬†on the hunger and homeless drive.

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  1. Lots of it up here in Manitoba. The food banks are even being sought by schools for younger students. Plus, teachers are buying extra for their students. Not enough $$$ to pay bills, buy food. Becoming homeless follows … What to do? Never seems to change, regardless of awareness, efforts … The “have’s” don’t want to know about the “have-not’s” so homelessness continues.

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