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Meet the Designer Who Turned Mariah Carey into Social Worker


Jeers to the New York Times for this profile of Marina Draghici, a costume and set designer who transformed Mariah Carey into social worker Ms. Weiss in the film “Precious.”

The article praised Draghici for making Mariah Carey a “drab” social worker with a moustache.

Some social workers  left comments on criticizing Carey’s appearance in the film because it perpetuates the stereotype that social workers are dowdy, style-challenged people (See our “Social Workers in Film Slideshow” entry).

For instance, Loretta Etienne wrote:

“The social worker characters are usually great people with diverse backgrounds that help them better perform their work. In short, the characters are great but I usually see the drabbed hair, 1980s styled social worker being portrayed as the norm as if this is the last career that a vibrant young man or woman would have wanted. I have a problem with that. Most of us are young, love our work and love life which shows in our outwardly appearance.”

Now at least social workers know who to blame for Carey’s looks in the film.

Photo of Marina Draghici courtesy of New York Times.

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