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Hospital Social Work Team Helps Families in Crisis

Social worker Bridgette Baker. Photo courtesy of the Deseret News.

Cheers to the Deseret News in Utah for this article about the assistance hospital social workers provide to the injured, sick, dying and their loved ones.

The article was written after a six police officers who were serving a drug-related search warrant in Ogden were shot by a former U.S. soldier. One of the officers died.

The news article covers how the team of social workers at McKay-Dee Hospital Center sprang into action to provide support the families. The team is led by Bridgette Baker, who is listed as a National Association of Social Workers member.

“Especially in a traumatic situation, sometimes the social workers are the ones trying to find the families to let them know that their loved ones are here,” Baker said. “And then they’re the ones that are greeting them at the door in the emergency department a lot of times to say ‘come with me, everything’s going to be OK.'”

To learn more about how social workers help people from all walks of life, visit the National Association of Social Workers’ “Help Starts Here” Website by clicking here.

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  1. Could you please post a link to the original article. I’d love to read it. Thanks!

  2. Brian and Cheap Social Worker:

    Sorry for the oversight. The link is now included in the article.

    And thanks for supporting!

    Greg Wright
    Senior Public Relations Specialist
    National Association of Social Workers

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