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Former Executive Creates Program to Help Newly Released Young Prison Inmates

Hats off to the Wall Street Journal for their profile on Mark Goldsmith, a retired New York cosmetics marketing executive who created a program to help newly released young prison inmates navigate life after jail.

Mark Goldsmith

Mark Goldsmith

Goldsmith’s Getting Out and Staying Out program uses social workers:

“Staff members and “coaches” help the young men with basic life skills, as well as setting up job interviews, getting their GED, signing up for vocational training and entering substance-abuse programs if necessary. A director of social services and several social-work interns help the men navigate psychological and family issues as well.”

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  1. Hi my name is ruth apachito I’m from a navajo indian reservation near albuquerque n.m
    My son was released from prison in january. I am so sad to say that there is no help from anyone
    Here in n.m. its like no one cares if they survive or not. I know why but they do their time
    I’m hopin u know of somewhere my son can get a one help to. Pay for his rent and maybe his
    Light n gas.we as a family have been helpin him out but sometimes its even hard for us.
    I we would so appreciate some sort of help with this.

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