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For Helen Hamlin 80 is the new 50

Helen Hamlin. Photo courtesy of the New York Daily News.

Cheers to the New York Daily News for including National Association of Social Workers Pioneer Helen Hamlin in this article about seniors who continue to remain active into their 80s and beyond.

Hamlin, 89, is the International Federation on Ageing’s representative to the United Nations and she sits on the board of six organizations. She also regularly visits museums, continues to travel around the world, and drives, although only during the day.

Her advice? Stay busy, take care of yourself, and press your doctors for answers you need.

“I am a very lucky lady,” said Hamlin, MSW, ACSW. “I would love to live to 115.”

Helen Hamlin continues to advocate for the rights of the elderly and women. To learn more about how social workers help the elderly and their families overcome the hurdles of growing older visit the National Association of Social Workers’ “Help Starts Here” Seniors and Aging website by clicking here.

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