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Florida Newspaper Profiles Gay Adoptive Parents After Ban Lifted

Robert Lamarche (right) and partner Donald Giustiniani with their adopted son. Photo courtesy of the Palm Beach Post.

Cheers to the Palm Beach Post for this article on National Association of Social Workers’ member and adoptive father Robert Lamarche.

Lamarche and partner Donald Giustiniani adopted a 15-year-old son and were part of the initiative to overturn Florida’s ban on same sex couples adopting children. A Miami appeals court last week ruled the 1977 law was unconstitutional.

“I know in my heart that we are wonderful parents,” Giustiniani said. “And we love him more than anything in this world. He is our son. We provide him with a safe, loving, caring home and that is the most important thing.”

NASW  supports equal treatment for all, including members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. To find out more click here to visit the association’s Diversity and Equity Web page.

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