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Florida Man Overcomes Homelessness, Drugs to Get Master’s in Social Work

Aaron Alvin Sr. Photo courtesy of WALB 10.

Cheers to WALB 10 for this article on Aaron Alvin Sr., who recovered from homelessness and drug addiction to receive a master’s degree in social work from Florida International University in Miami.

“I wanted to make sure I was in a position to help people and so I went ahead and got my master’s,” said Alvin, 50, who graduated with a 3.73 grade point average. The audience at the graduation ceremony gave him a standing ovation.

Alvin said a judge helped him by putting him in a drug treatment program. He wants to return that favor to others.

Alvin currently works with the homeless and hopes to one day open his own clinic to help people with drug addictions.

To learn more about how social workers help people overcome addictions visit the National Association of Social Workers’ “Help Starts Here” Addictions Website by clicking here.

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  1. excellent…maybe i better get busy going for a masters too. Thanks, Aaron for the reminder.Just the beginning of your endeavor to have a positive effect on those you will be assisting, thanks for the hard work.

  2. Sir Alvin,

    I am so happy to have read your story! You are a true hero and an excellent role model to others who have given up due to economic reasons or addictions. Your story only goes to show if there is a will and desire to pull yourself up and improve yourself, IT CAN BE DONE!!! CONGRATS!! Best wishes to you always!

    By the way, I too am a Master level social worker.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

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