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Driving a Bus Inspiring Social Work Career

Erika Washington. Photo courtesy of Seattle Times.

Cheers to the Seattle Times for this article on bus driver and aspiring social worker Erika Washington.

Washington decided to major in social work because she saw so many social problems while working her way through college as a bus driver.

“There is dignity in every person, whether they’re alcoholics or begging for money on the streets,” she said. “Something happened to get them to that point. Social workers can help intervene before they get to that point, or bring them back.”

Washington was scheduled to graduate from Seattle University on June 13. Her professors said he already has acquired a knack for taking the skills she learned in social work class and applying it to every day life.

Interested in becoming a social worker? Click here to visit the National Association of Social Workers’ Web site to learn more about the career and educational opportunities.

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