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Conn. Center That Helped Neglected Children Closed Due to Budget Cuts

The Southeastern Connecticut Center for Juvenile Justice Inc. was a team of lawyers and social workers who were tireless advocates for neglected children, according to this article in the Connecticut Law Tribune.

One of them was a teenager who was thriving in her foster home and did not want to return to her birth mother, who repeatedly relapsed into drug addiction. Southeastern Connecticut Center for Juvenile Justice successfully fought to keep her with foster parents.

Another person they helped was a disabled teenager who was placed in the home of his sister rather than foster parents. The lawyers and social workers proved that with his disability it was better the teen be placed with a familiar person.

Despite its successes the state-funded center closed on June 30, the victim of budget cuts.

“Going into the job you hoped things work out and people would be an ideal team but when I got there it was unbelievable how everyone meshed together,” said Kristine Johnson, a social worker who used to work at the center. “We had each other’s back. The attorneys always made themselves available for us. As corny as it sounds …I’m going to truly miss everybody, my co-workers as well as the kids. It was an ideal workplace.”

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