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Columnist Raps Social Spending in Health bill

225px-Betsy_McCaugheyFormer New York State Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey in a Wall Street Journal column criticized proposed spending on social work programs in the House version of the health care bill. Social workers in many cities are struggling to provide services to clients amidst increased caseloads and budget cuts. Yet McCaughey labeled such programs as “questionable priorities” and said they had “vague standards of accountability.” Photo of McCaughey courtesy of

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  1. Once again, a misinterpretation of the health care reform bill. Community health workers, which are the individuals she is speaking of, in HR 3962 sec 399V are NOT social workers!!!! They are, in fact, a evolving profession who at the present time do not have the infrastructure, educational, or licensing requirements as social workers who have earned BSW and MSW degrees. Obviously, Ms. MsCaughey didn’t take the time to read the parts of the bill relevant to funding for social workers which are a part of the “Health Professional” provisions. Community health workers are paraprofessionals. Its so unfortunate to see an educated individual completely misinterpret this section and then have the audacity to publish her “expertise” in the Wall Street Journal. Seriously, her misinterpretation is rather slanderous to the profession.

  2. yes well if you want to look at monumental waste in government one only needs to look at the social workers and the mess they have perpetrated on this country. how much longer before we start subsidizing tarot card readers or psychics? we all have seen what happened to Medicare and the fraud of especially chiropractors. one no more needs to read almost any study by the social sciences to see how much they are driven by deconstruction and postmodern thinking. while many of us are truly seeking answers in such endeavors as neutron repulsion these people are attending whacko conventions where most sneak off to the casinos. the health care community needs to come from the hard sciences and not this masquerading disaster called “social workers”. what does a cadre of social workers on the border explaining health rights to those illegally entering this country? is it fair to the elderly, seniors and baby boomers to have their benefits ripped from them to pay for a segment of the population that has been stealing jobs from the uneducated and African-Americans so that farmers can underpay someone or a meat packing plant give away what were once good union jobs to people illegally come here from all over the world. the Dutch have brought the problem on themselves for the same reason, immigration coupled with welfare benefits…..time to reject this fraud that really only goes to bolster government employee unions and the Democratic party while supplying cheap labor for the Republicans. America and American’s first. besides…was it not the social workers who told us all the heterosexuals would be dying of AIDs?

  3. Its good that people are speaking out against this ridiculous bill, and not a surprise either. I consider this Obamas first blunder and its costing him in the form of a reduced approval rating which now stands at 55%.

  4. True social workers are seriously trained professionals with excellent pedigrees. It’s important for those outside the profession to educate themselves about what our credentials mean before criticizing our authority and methods. Unfortunately many who call themselves social workers may not actually have the right to do so, visa vis training and licensure. And hard sciences? Considering my extensive training in evidence-based practices like cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychopharmocology and neuroscience, I resent any slanderous accusations of previous comments about my field. We have the highest standard of ethics of any professional field – the ethical system our “health care community” follows was based on the one social workers adhere to.

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