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Baton Rouge Publication Looks at Role of Social Workers in Health Care

Take a look at this great article about the role of social workers in health care in the Baton Rouge Business Report. The reporter interviewed social workers Emmett Irwin, Amy Doming and Stephanie Minvielle about why they love their work. Irwin is a National Association of Social Workers member.

The article said although unemployment has risen there is increased demand for medical social workers. To view the article click on the title below:

Baton Rouge Business Report Article on Social Workers in Health Care

And to find out more about the role of social workers in health care vist the NASW Health Web page by clicking here .

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  1. I am glad to see an article about medical social workers. Medical Social Workers play a vital role with patient care within the Medical Arena.

    I’m glad that the State of Louisiana published this article in their “Baton Rouge Buisness Report”, while at the same time, on the other side of this article was an NASW Ad, with different words like, “mental health, disability, etc”, which in essence are simple words for others to hopefully relate to some of the various areas social workers are involved.

    Also, I’m glad that I had the opportunity to have interned @ hospitals in the past, medical social work is a rewarding and noteworthy area. Some hospitals that I have been in have “Nurses” doing “Case Management/Care Coordination, etc”, no downplay/offense to Nurses, but “Medical Social Workers are also important…….

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