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A Love Letter to a Social Worker

George Hoffman. Photo courtesy of Open Salon.

Cheers to Open Salon for running  “A Love Letter to My Lovely Social Worker” from writer George Hoffman.

Hoffman credited a Veterans Administration social worker with helping him battle alcoholism. However, in his very honest and poignant column Hoffman admitted he was attracted to her.

“I miss her. Of course it was about how sexually attractive she was to me,” he wrote. “But she was also the conduit to the awakening of my spiritual experience in recovery.”

Hoffman confessed to the social worker he was attracted to her and even wrote her a letter after he moved from the area. She did not respond.

“And I knew she would never write back,” Hoffman wrote. “She was strict about professional boundaries. Now I know I was writing her a closure letter.”

Q: Social workers, have you had a client become attracted to you? How did you handle the situation?

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