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Suicide can be an issue even in elementary school

Photo courtesy of Bee Media.

Contrary to popular belief, suicide is a problem that can occur even among elementary school-aged children, according to a new Temple University study.

University researchers surveyed more than 400 school social workers. Researchers found most suicide threats, hospitalizations, attempts and deaths happen among high school students.

However, the problem is also very apparent in elementary schools.

Forty percent of social workers in elementary schools said they had known of a suicide attempt that resulted in a hospitalization while seven percent said the suicidal child died.

“What’s true is that adolescents are more likely to make attempts, but kids at the elementary school level are making suicide attempts, and some of them are being hospitalized for suicidal behavior,” National Association of Social Workers and Temple University assistant social work professor Jonathan Singer said.

You can read a news report about the study on the WHYY Website by clicking here.

Singer developed a Website with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program that he hopes will be a virtual support community for people who have been affected by suicide. To learn more click here. And to find out how social workers try to prevent suicide visit the National Association of Social Workers’ “Help Starts Here” Suicide Prevention Website by clicking here.


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