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Marriage, education blunt effects of childhood abuse

Photo by Flickr/Southworth Sailor.

People who suffer abuse early in life are more likely to suffer from mental illness or abuse drugs and alcohol as adults.

However, a study from the University of Washington School of Social Work found that adults who completed a secondary education or married were less likely to suffer lingering effects of childhood abuse.

The results of the study were cited in this article in Counsel and Heal.

Although education and marriage lessened the effects of abuse they did not totally eliminate them, the article said. Researchers urged victims of abuse to get psychological counseling to cope.

To learn more about cutting-edge research done by social workers visit the website of the National Association of Social Workers’ Social Work Research journal by clicking here.

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  1. The findings in this article seem pretty intuitive to me. Good article to show to people who don’t believe that child abuse leaves lasting scars.

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