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Gay Straight Alliances Help LBGT Youth

Students from the gay straight alliance at Mason High School in Michigan.

Lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual youth who attend high schools with gay-straight alliances (GSAs) have better mental health and are more likely to graduate and go to college, according to a study co-authored by National Association of Social Workers member Caitlin Ryan.

“This new study on the benefits of GSAs to health and education adds to our growing understanding of the importance of social environments and the need to provide institutional support for LGBT youth to promote well-being in adulthood,” Ryan, MSW, PhD, ACSW.

Ryan is director of the San Francisco-based Family Acceptance Project, a group that advocates for LGBT youth.

To get the full study click here.

The National Association of Social Workers also supports equal treatment for all, including members of the LGBT community. To find out more click here to visit the association’s Diversity and Equity Web page.


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