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Financial Education Benefits Domestic Violence Victims

Judy Postmus. Photo courtesy of Rutgers University.

Victims of economic abuse are better able to manage finances after taking a money management curriculum, according to an exploratory study from the Rutgers University School of Social Work’s Center on Violence Against Women and Children.

Abusers often use economic methods, including running up credit card debt and withholding paychecks, to control victims. Victims of domestic abuse can also be reluctant to leave because of money.

The center studied 120 women and one man who completed their “Moving Forward Through Money Management” curriculum. The curriculum gave participants more confidence in handling finances. For instance, 88 percent of participants set financial goals for themselves after taking the course.

The exploratory study highlights a trend that needs more attention, researchers said. “Ask people about abuse and economics abuse is way down on the list,” said Judy Postmus, an assistant professor at the Rutgers social work school, director of the Center on Violence Against Women and Children, and National Association of Social Workers member.

To read a press release on the study click here and to read a article on the study click here.

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