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News Items – August 29, 2011

NY: New look at city lapses in adoption abuse case
New York Times 
Ms. Leekin’s widely publicized case has been portrayed as a colossal breakdown in New York’s adoption system. But court documents are now offering a much fuller picture of the city’s repeated lapses in detecting the abuse and fraud.

Teens give their back-to-school advice for dealing with peer pressure, bullying
Bellingham Herald
Rana Hong, a clinical social worker, therapist and founder of Playful Healing Center in Des Plaines, says teens face the most peer pressure compared to any other age group. “Developmentally, teens are in the period of having rapid physical and psychological growth,” Hong said. “They start paying more attention to others’ views on themselves and searching for their sense of identity. Therefore, they get more influenced by others.”

How to deal with the loss of a pet
Licensed clinical social worker Christy Simpson facilitates the group sessions with a dose of Southern charm and plenty of compassion as attendees share their stories. Eventually, most walk away realizing that they are not alone. Even Simpson has a tale of loss — coupled with the need for help coping with pet grief.

Teacher: How to address bullying school — and how not to
Washington Post (blog)
There is only one way for a dean or social worker to combat the problems below the surface, and that is to have a working relationship with every single student in the school. School personnel should never forget that the “good kids” have problems too, and they often have information to share, because they believe in justice, fairness, and doing the right thing.

75-Year-Old Accused of Robbing Bank, Going to Casino Faces a Judge
It’s unknown if the 75-year-old has a gambling addiction, but Licensed Clinical Social Worker Matthew Jost, who specializes in treating gambling addiction says this addiction effects about 40-thousand people in the Western New York area and is more common than people think.

Newly formed Kan. group plans rally
Crystal McComas, a clinical social worker in Lawrence, is organizing Kansas United along with Tamara Werth, a Lawrence psychiatrist. The two said the galvanizing issue for them was the decision to close the city’s Social and Rehabilitation Services office. After much discussion, the city and Douglas County agreed to pay a portion of the office’s rent to keep the center open.

Meeting spouse online more likely than ever
Journal and Courier
Buck Black, a licensed clinical social worker with Heartland Clinic in Lafayette, said he has noticed more people meeting people online and that they are more comfortable admitting it than they were two years ago. “I think that it is increasing simply because technology use is increasing, and people are becoming more comfortable with the technology,” he said.

Gaps in services for sexual assault victims in Texas revealed
The study, funded by the Criminal  Justice Division of the Office of the Governor, is the first statewide needs evaluation for adult victims of sexual assault in Texas, according to Dr. Noël Busch-Armendariz, associate professor in the School of Social Work and lead investigator.

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