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TV to Watch: “Ugly Americans” Airing New Episodes

“Ugly Americans,” Comedy Central’s irreverent animated half-hour series about a social worker in a crazy, alternate-world New York City filled with demons, warlocks and werewolves, will air 10 new episodes beginning this month.

Mark Lilly (third from left) and the toher main characters of "Ugly Americans."

David Stern, executive producer of “Ugly Americans,” is son of former National Association of Social Workers assistant executive director Leonard Stern. Leonard Stern is the inspiration for two of the main characters in the series, which is entering its second season.

One of those characters is earnest Department of Integration social worker Mark Lilly (voiced by actor Matt Oberg) who is trying to help “normal” people and assorted goblins and ghouls adjust to life in the big city. The second is his colleague Leonard Powers (actor Randy Pearlstein), a 500-year-old wizard who tries to do as little work as possible.

You can watch the premiere of the new episodes of “Ugly Americans” on Comedy Central at 10:30 p.m. Eastern on June 30.

In the premiere, the head demons at the Department of Integration will try to infiltrate a compound where Leonard is training his new apprentice To do so they must create a summer camp where Mark will be head counselor. Watch it and let us know what you think.

You can read more about “Ugly Americans” on Click here and click here for interviews with David Stern and click here to read about Matt Oberg, the actor who is the voice of social worker Mark Lilly.

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