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Exclusive: SocialWorkersSpeak! Visits Comedy Central’s “Ugly Americans”

“Ugly Americans,” the edgy cartoon that features a social worker who must help assorted ghouls adjust to life in New York City, will air new episodes beginning October 6 at 10:30 p.m. Eastern Time on Comedy Central.

The series is doing well, attracting millions of viewers each week. It had the highest-rated series premiere among young men when it first aired in March. recently traveled to MTV Studios in Santa Monica, Calif., and sat down with David Stern, developer and producer of “Ugly Americans.”

Stern told fans what they can expect  in October. Stern is also looking for funny or unusual social worker stories to incorporate into the show. Email your ideas to and we will pass them on to the folks at “Ugly Americans”.

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  1. Its funny, just the other day me and my friends at work were talking about how this was the the only show on television about social workers :)

  2. Do not laugh at this but I think I found my true calling… Veterinary Social Work. It addresses pet loss, animal-assisted therapy, companion animals and well-being, importance of pets for the elderly, link between interpersonal violence and animal abuse, animal hoarding, etc. I think I could really try this out!!! Opinions?!

  3. How else can your day go when you get to work late, and the supervisor says “the FBI has been here looking for you?”

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