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TV to Watch: Ugly Americans Airing 7 New Episodes

Just in time for Social Work Month “Ugly Americans,” the adult Comedy Central cartoon featuring social worker Mark Lilly, will begin airing seven new episodes.

The first new episode will air March 14 at 10:30 p.m., right after that network’s award-winning “South Park” cartoon.

In “Ugly Americans” Mark Lilly (voiced by actor and comedian Matt Oberg) tries to help assorted vampires, werewolves, zombies and other ghouls adjust to life in New York City.

Social worker Mark Lilly (center) and the other characters from Ugly Americans.

His job isn’t easy. Mark’s girlfriend and co-worker Callie Maggotbone (voiced by Natasha Leggero) is more interested in sex, his wizard office mate Leonard Powers (Randy Pearlstein) is lazy and would rather be out drinking, and the boss Twayne (Michael Leon-Wooley) is literally a soul-slaying demon.

In the first new episode “Journey to the Center of Twayne” Mark takes custody of a miniature arsonist who escapes up Twayne’s nostril. Mark and his co-workers have to shrink themselves and enter Twayne’s weird body to recover the arsonist in this “Fantastic Voyage”-themed episode.

“Ugly Americans” has a genuine tie to social work. David Stern, who developed and was originally executive producer of the show, is the son of former National Association of Social Workers associate executive director Leonard Stern.

The Mark Lilly and Leonard characters are based on his father, Stern said in this interview with that was posted March 2010.

“It is a bit of homage to my father,” Stern said. “He worked hard and I got the essence of what he did. And I was raised to understand the importance of social work.”

To read a interview with actor Matt Oberg, the voice of Mark Lilly, click here.





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